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I'm Myk (pronounced `Mike' NOT `Mick') a staunch heterosexual male company director and a very young over-50 year old. I've been on the earlier versions of the Web since 1988.

I use my computer and associated equipment as a tool - just as most people relate to pencil/paper or a screwdriver. For the last 30 years when software hasn't existed for the task at hand, I have written what I need in a variety of languages.


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I am told that I am an eccentric but to be on here you have to be! - and yes my picture is supposed to be upside down! I get a vicarious pleasure from all those people cranking their heads around!

The Red RumpTarantula died in October 1996!

My main leisure activity is photography in all it's forms but especially high-speed stuff. I shoot 35mm slides/prints and monochrome. I use a wide range of Nikon gear incl D1/F5/F4/F90X/Fm2 and it seems like nearly all their lenses!.

I finally decided to build the dark room and have bought an old 5x4 B&W enlarger. My 5x4 work on my Horseman camera (bought from Robert White) moves on apace. I achieved distinctions for my C & G (9231) portfolios for all 5 modules which was enough to get my LRPS which is nice to have alongside my engineering qualifications.

I am currently building up my digital skills in Photoshop and others. I have published some digital work at our gallery site

I do a lot of image competition work and judge around the local camera clubs.

I am an active member of the RPS.

If you are interested in a mutual photo shoot try share photo studio