Studio equipment and facilities

Location between Chester and Shrewsbury on the Welsh border
Floor Ruabon red tiles
Parking free and plenty of it
Environment full blackout (as per darkroom) if required
Facilities private dressing and make-up areas
Lighting 3 BronColour Grafit A4 boxes - up to 9 synched and balanced lights
10 BronColour heads with Infra Red triggers
large Bron ringflash
Bron artificial sunlight system
Bron 11/26 projection spot system and large mono Gobo selection - some colour
Bron metering and remote controls
7 PowerFlash monoblocs
Umpteen small flash lights
Macbeth setup
4' x 4', 3' x 3', 3' x 1' softboxes
8' x 4' softbox in ceiling
4' x 3' light wall
various tungsten incl 4 x 500W
north light window 44" x 66" high
Lighting modifiers gold, silver and white brollies,
honeycombs, reflectors large and small, flexi mirrors, 
flats, flags, barn doors, snoots, polarisers
Timing Infra Red beam system, stroboscopic sequencer and
microprocessor controlled firing system
Effects large wind fan
Supports full size Cambo stand, QTVD head, usual tripods
floor/ceiling poles, Magic Arms and lots of lighting stands
Hoist 250kg to 12 feet
Sets Colorama paper, projection and lots of reflectors
Accessories 5 foot trimming cutter

Included in our equipment base are cameras up to 5x4", digital scanners and image manipulation software.

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