Pantology Services offers exactly what it's name infers. Pantology means `all things to all men'. We have a large photographic resource and offer various services to interested parties.

We have a large private photographic studio which is very well equipped
Fully heated for personal work
The studio is linked to a comprehensive computer network
Because the studio is private and attached to a home there are many props available

We will hire out the studio
We will help hirers if required
We will scan 35mm, A4 and transparency
We run photographic teach ins for beginners
We will hand print up to 5x4 neg and 20*16 prints
We project backgrounds of ANY customer scene for special portraits
We will re-touch ANY type of image digitally - eg to make bad prints into nice ones
We will shoot any esoteric object and consider ANY commission so long as it is legal
We often document objects for insurance especially items which are tough to shoot
We will assist in setting up IR triggers for normal use and high speed traps for special applications
We will build props in our attached workshop

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